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Ole Devil Rum

No other man made spirit has enjoyed the fame and infamy as that ole devil rum. A by-product of sugar production, rum fueled the slave trade, helped keep the British Navy afloat, inspired pirating on the high seas and was a major inspiration for the American Revolution.

True rum, is an aged product, golden to dark amber in color and full of flavor and spice. It has more in common to Cognac and fine Scotch than to the white spirits, such as vodka and gin, to which it is usually draws it comparisons. In the Caribbean, aged rums are savored straight up in brandy snifters before or after a meal. The Rum House offers a few rum flights which allow you to sample different producers and vintages from some of the rums that highlight our list and that the boys have personally sacrificed countless hours away from their wives to hand select for your drinking enjoyment.