Rum House Glossary

An Argentinian marinade or sauce of fresh herbs, lemon juice, vinegar, and olive oil, often served with grilled meat.

Caribbean Pepperpot Stew “The soup that won the American Revolution….supposedly”
Caribbean pepperpots display considerable variation depending on which island you
have them, but they also share common attributes, a spicy broth base being the most
significant. History has it that George Washinton, while camped at Valley Forge during
an unrelenting winter and finding provisions hard to come by due to the unreliable
revolutionary currency and local farmers selling their crops to the British, turned to his
Baker General for a solution. His brief was to “warm and strengthen the body of a soldier
and inspire his flagging spirit,” in Washington’s words. Legend maintains that this brew
revived the beleaguered army, sustaining it through its darkest months, and helped lead to
its eventual victory.

Jamaican cooking style of marinating meat for hours in a spicy mix of peppers, all spice, scallions, thyme, cinnamon, nutmeg, and slow grilling and smoking the meat until crispy, juicy, and lip smacking hot!

Paw Paw Sauce
Short for papaya sauce, ours is both flavorful, fruity and spicy. We use papaya, chayote, habañero peppers, honey, sugar, and vinegar. Deliciousness!

Scotch Bonnet Pepper
This small, irregularly shaped chile ranges in color from yellow to orange to red. The Jamaican scotch bonnet is one of the hottest of the chiles and is closely related to the equally fiery Habañero than to any other hot peppers.